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Phytosterols mainly consists of β- sitosterol, stigmasterol and campesterol, which exist in the nature in the forms of free state and combined state. Their molecular structure is very similar to that of cholesterol in human bodies with good biological activity. Among others, β- sitosterol is the main active substance to reduce cholesterol, diminish inflammation, resist cancer and enable the fermentation of steroidal drugs. The FDA has approved Phytosterol as a GRAS product, and EU has listed it as new a resource food.
Our wooden sterol is sourced from sustainable resources in the nature – pine trees. The products contain non-GMO substance without any residue of pesticide, allergen substances and heavy metal ions. We adopt an advanced process, which can effectively separate and remove the impurities. At the same time, the combined sterol can be converted into free sterol to extract the wooden sterol with the content above 98%. Among others, the content of β- sitosterol is over 65%. The products are compliant with the requirements of USA FDA, EU and national laws and regulations. At the same time, simple production process avoids the risk of solvent residue and improves the safety for the application of sterol products and the stability of product quality, which can be directly applied in the sectors of medication, food and feedstuffs.
Main efficacy
1、Phytosterols is a kind of important raw material for the synthesis of steroid drugs and vitamin D3.
2、Phytosterols can prohibit the absorption of cholesterol by human bodies, promote the degradation and metabolism of serum cholesterol, prohibit the synthesis and absorption of cholesterol, which can prevent and treat heart diseases like coronary heart disease.
3、Phytosterol has strong anti-inflammation effects for human bodies and the anti-inflammatory defervescence function similar to Hydrocortisone and oxyphenylbutazone.
4、Phytosterols has very high permeability on the skin, which can maintain the moisture on skin surface, promote skin metabolism, prohibit skin inflammation, and prevent erythema from sunlight exposure and skin aging. It has also the functions of hair growth accelerating and nourishing.
5、Phytosterols has multiple physiological functions including antioxidant activity, emulsibility, anti-cancer, anahormone, immunoregulation and virus resistance. It can be widely applied in the sectors of medication, food, cosmetics and feedstuffs.


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