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1、 The management system and certification that the company has passed

ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Certification

CGMP certification for dietary supplements

OU Kosher Kosher Kosher Certification

HALAL International Halal Certification

Non GMO IP GMO-FREE Non GMO Food Certification

FAMI-QS EU Feed Additives

2、 Introduction to Management System

1. ISO9001 is one of the series of quality management system standards. It helps organizations understand the process of delivering products and services to customers, thereby enabling them to reach a better state.

2. ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Certification: This standard aims to ensure that there are no weak links in the entire food chain to ensure the safety of food supply.

3. The Kosher certification of the Jewish Orthodox Union (OU) in the United States, Kosher, refers to products related to Jewish diet that comply with Jewish regulations, are clean, and edible.

4. The Halal certification of the World Muslim Food and Nutrition Association, originally meaning "legal", is translated as "halal" in Chinese, which refers to food, drugs, cosmetics, and food, drug, cosmetic additives that meet the living habits and needs of Muslims.

5. IP (Identity Preservation Certificate) "Non GMO Identity Preservation System" is a guarantee system established by enterprises to maintain the specific identity of products (such as genetically modified identity). 6. FAMI-QS "European Quality System for Feed Additives and Premixes" Certification: The FAMI-QS operating procedures developed by FEFNAN (European Feed Additive Industry Association) cover the production of all feed additives and premixes.

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